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4th Prades Siurana – Swim the World @ 4th Prades Siurana (Neda el Món)
Apr 26 all-day

Prades Siurana

Swimming 3,000m in a lake is impressive. The Siurana Lake is surrounded by spectacular sceneries of the Montsant Range. It’s near Prades, a wine land, olive oil land and hazelnut bushes. It’s an ideal event to bring your friends and relatives: they can follow the crossing by kayaks they can rent at the Canoekayak Club.


Prades Siurana, 3,000m


  • Prades excursion. We’ve prepared a (free) two hours excursion, in the Prades Mountains. It will be on Saturday April 26th, the day before the 4th Prades Siurana Crossing. It is meant to be done by the whole family, no age limits. We’ll come together at 4.30pm at the PradesTown Hall.
  • Closure lunch: After the 4th Prades Siurana Crossing there will be a closure lunch at the Prades “Centre Cívic”. We will have salads as a starter and paella as a main course. You can buy your tickets in the website www.nedaelmon.com
  • Insurances: All swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • Wetsuit rental: You can rent a wetsuit at Neda el Món.
  • Physiotherapy: On arrival a physiotherapy service will be offered by a team of professionals from “El Quinto Meta”.
  • Cloakroom service: There will be a cloakroom service at the Siurana Lake pier.
  • Showers and changing rooms: Anybody can have a shower at the Prades Sports Centre.
  • Friends and relatives: They can follow the crossing either walking the 6km surrounding the lake, or riding their mountain bikes. They can also rent kayaks and follow their swimmer by kayak (12€ one hour or 17€ for two hours).
  • Security/medical service: In first place the kayaks will provide security. In addition there will be a medical service and an ambulance at the arrival.
  • Accommodation. If you want to stay at Prades, click on our colaborators www.traveltriathlon.com will take care of you.
National Championships pool, Rio Maior, Portugal @ Rio Maior, Portugal
Apr 26 all-day
Date: Saturday, 26 April, 2014 (All day)


Campeonato Nacional Longa Distância – Final

Sábado, 26/04/2014


Sessão 1 – Sáb, 26/04/2014 – 10:00
Sessão 2 – Sex, 26/04/2013 – 16:00

Rio Maior
Época desportiva: 2013/2014

Federação Portuguesa de Natação
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Regulamento de Competições Nacionais Águas Abertas 2013-2014


Zwemwedstrijd De 10 km van Zwaag in Zwembad “De Wijzend”, Netherlands @ Zwembad
Apr 26 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 26 April, 2014 (All day)

Zaterdag 26 April is het alweer de 14de keer dat de 10 km van Zwaag van start gaat.
Deze 10 km zwemwedstrijd in zwembad De Wijzend is toch wel uniek in Nederland.
Dit omdat het de enige10 km zwemwedstrijd in een 50 meter buitenbad is.
En deze zwemwedstrijd wordt altijd gehouden als zwembad De Wijzend in Zwaag open gaat voor het zomer seizoen.



4X Swim Games, Montgat, Barcelona, Spain @ Montgat, Barcelona
Apr 26 @ 9:30 am

Date: Saturday, 26 April, 2014 – 09:30

1,5 km non-competitive swim

or max. 1200 m in pool at the 4X Swim Game


4X Swim Games + 1.5K non competitive swim (26/04/2014)

Timing Activity
9h30 Entrance to the sporting venue. Sports village.
9h30 – 10h 4X Swim Games swimmers warm up
10h – 11h 4X Swim Games qualifying rounds
11h – 11h30 4X Swim Games semi-finals
11h30 – 12h00 4X Swim Games finals
12h Award ceremony + Beach Party kick off
12h15 Swimsuits parade
12h30 1.5K non competitive swim
Course map 

4X-swim-games open water swimmingDescripción

•Preliminary rounds competitive swim.

300m each preliminary round.

Limited to 64 swimmers.

•Average water temperature: 18 C

Categories Places Nº of rounds Course Trophies
- 25 age Male 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
- 25 age Female 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
+ 25 age Male 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
+ 25 age Female 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three

Course map


Swim highlights

Non-competitive swim.

1.5 km distance swim

Up to a maximum of 100 swimmers

•Average water temperature 18C


 4X Swim Games competition will take place at Malamar venue which features a 200x400m swimming pool, and makes it perfect for experienced swimmers who are looking for their next swim challenge. When the competition finishes will give way to our non-competitive 1.5K swim ideal for swimming enthusiasts who are going to probably take part in one of the first events of the 2014 season , being able to swim the course  in their own time, without the pressure of being part of a race.

Swimming pool Competition—-Qualifying rounds are formed by a group of 4 swimmers who will compete at a time in the same circuit. The two first swimmers reaching the finish line will be qualified for the following round and so on until the final.

The competition course will be marked by lane ropes only the first 25m, and then as participants swim towards the finish line the course will be shared with the other swimmers competing.

The choice of the components of the group in the qualifying rounds is a duty that belongs to organisers.

Pushing, shoving etc will not be tolerated and any aggressive or violent attitude towards the adversary either. These actions will be sanctioned being the aggressor disqualified by the race referee.

Wetsuits are not compulsory although the organization recommends swimmers to put them on.

- Showers + changing rooms
- Wetsuit hire
- Wetsuit fitting and testing
- Sporting village (leading recognised sports brands)
- Beach party + one free drink
- Accidents insurance coverage (1.5K swim)
-Silicone cap given by the organisation
-Closed lunch menu for those who might be interested (not included in the registration price)

When you arrive in Barcelona, there are 3 different train stations you might get the train from.

-Barcelona-El Clot Aragó
-Barcelona-Arc de triomf
-Barcelona-Sants Station

Malamar sporting center is located in Montgat, just 15min away from Barcelona. When you get off the train you cannot easily get lost just because the venue is right in front of the train Station of Montgat

RENFE (national train operator)
R1 commuter train line—–Barcelona-Mataró-Maçanet. Look at timetables

Ver mapa más grande

Registrations are open


4X Swim Games

€25Registration includes

4X swim + 1.5K swim + Beach party + 1 drink

1.5K Swim

€20Registration includes

1.5K swim + Beach party + 1 drink


This is the venue!

25/50/75/100 x 100, Buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen, Netherlands @ Buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen
Apr 27 all-day
Date:  Sunday, 27 April, 2014 (All day)

3# 25/50/100 x 100, buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen

            Ingezonden door hanskoster op wo, 18/12/2013 – 12:50

                    zondag, 27 april, 2014 (Hele dag)

Beste zwemmers/zwemsters,

Ik heb het genoegen jullie  mede te delen dat voor de 3e keer een 100×100 bij ons in Huizen zal worden georganiseersd en wel op ZONDAG 27 APRIL 2014 Het is ook mogelijk om minder te zwemmen <25/50/ x100>. Begin Maart 2014 wordt op NOWW de inschrijfmogelijkheid aangegeven. Noteer het wel alvast in jullie agenda.

Fijne feestdagen en een gezond 2014 voor iedereen.

Hans Koster.

Travessia Prades Siurana, Prades – Pantà de Siurana (Tarragona), Spain @ Prades - Pantà de Siurana
Apr 27 all-day
Date:  Sunday, 27 April, 2014 (All day)


Prades Siurana

Una travesía de 3000 metros nadando un pantano impresionante. Siurana está rodeado de paisajes espectaculares dentro de las sierras del Montsant y cerca de Prades, tierra de vinos, aceites y avellanas. Evento ideal para venir con acompañantes, que tienen la posibilidad de seguir la prueba de cerca desde los kayaks que Canoekayac alquila para acompañantes.


Pantano de Siurana 3.000 m

Vídeo Siurana 2011

  • Excursión por Prades. El sábado día 26 de abril, el día previo de la 4ª travesía Prades Siurana, hemos preparado una excursión gratuita de 2 horas por las montañas de Prades. Se trata de un evento familiar, para todos los públicos. La hora de convocatoria son las 16,30 h, en la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Prades. Sólo hay que reservar aquí.
  • Comida de Clausura.Tras la celebración de la 4ª travesía Prades Siurana, se celebrará una paellada de Clausura en el Centro Cívico de Prades. Tendremos ensalada de primero y paella de segundo. Puede comprar su ticket aquí.
  • Seguros. Se contratará un seguro de Responsabilidad Civil y otra de accidentes para cada uno de los participantes y voluntarios.
  • Alquiler de neoprenos. Neda el Món le puede proporcionar un neopreno de alquiler. Si lo quiere recoger en el evento, haga clic aquí. Si quieres que te lo enviemos a su domicilio, pulsa aquí.
  • Fisioterapia. A la llegada se dispondrá de un servicio de fisioterapia ofrecido por el equipo de profesionales coordinados por El Quinto Meta.
  • Guardarropa. Se montará un servicio de guardarropa en el embarcadero del Pantano de Siurana.
  • Vestuarios y duchas. Todo el que lo desee, podrá ducharse en el Polideportivo de Prades.
  • Acompañantes. Se podrá seguir la prueba bordeando el pantano mediante un circuito de 6 kilómetros que puede hacer a pie o en bicicleta de montaña. También se podrán alquilar kayaks (a 12 euros una hora y 17 euros 2 horas) para acompañar a su nadador desde el agua.
  • Seguridad / Servicio Médico. Se dispondrá de un primer nivel de seguridad, con kayaks. Además habrá disponible un servicio médico, con una ambulancia situada en la llegada.
  • Alojamiento. Si quiere quedar a dormir en Prades, pulse aquí y nuestros colaboradores de www.traveltriathlon.com os atenderan como merecéis.
Zinc 96.1 Swim Noosa @ Noosa Main Beach
Apr 27 all-day

Make a splash into Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest! ZINC 96.1 SWIM NOOSA is the host brand for the four ocean swims happening within the Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest. ZINC 96.1 SWIM NOOSA will kick off race weekend on Saturday, 27 April, and is sure to have a swim distances suited to you.

Enter Online Now!

USMS 5K National Championship And Crippen Mile @ Miromar Lakes ( Fort Myers Area)
Apr 27 @ 12:00 am

Saturday, April, 27, 2013
Miromar lakes, Florida ( Fort Myers area)

Abbaden in Rostock – Warnemünde, Germany @ Warnemünde, Germany
Apr 28 – Apr 29 all-day
Swim the Costa Brava race @ L´escala, Gerona (Costa Brava). SPAIN
Apr 28 – Apr 29 all-day

Swim The Costa Brava aims at becoming the meeting point for all the open water swimmers at national as well as international level.

We understand that certain trends have changed and so have the concerns of thousands of followers and sportsmen enthusiasts of open water swimming. The first stage (Swim the Costa Brava) within the European Open Water Swimming Championship is born precisely out of the desire to address these changes and to honour this sports disicpline.


Race: Swim the Costa brava
Location: Cala Montgó, l’Escala (Spain)
Dates: 21st and 22nd of September 2013
Distances: 1.5 km / 3.5 km / 6.o km
Limited number of participants: 300
This event qualifies for the PROSwim Challenge.

You can either fly to Barcelona International Airport, called Barcelona El Prat airport or to the Girona/Costa Brava airport. May we remind you that transfers are provided from/to Barcelona and Girona Airports for those participants booking our ACCOMMODATION + TRANSFER package. 

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