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Norderstedter Langstreckenschwimmen, Germany
Aug 2 – Aug 3 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 30 August, 2014 (All day)


Kinder ( ab 10 Jahre) / Jugend:       500 m Schwimmen

Erwachsene:                                     500 m Schwimmen

Jugend / Erwachsene:                   1.250 m Schwimmen

Jugend / Erwachsene:                   2.500 m Schwimmen

Jugend / Erwachsene:                   5.000 m Schwimmen

Staffeln:                                   4 x  1.250 m Schwimmen


The ‘English Channel In Manchester’ Relay Swim 2014, Salford Quays, Great Britain
Aug 2 @ 5:00 am – 7:00 am

The 'English Channel In Manchester' Relay Swim

Salford Quays | 23/08/13


Here was a challenge to whet the appetite of any long distance swimmers that get excited by urban night swimming in big, bad weather!!

A small but perfectly formed event of five relay teams recruited (or press ganged!) six swimmers who each swam 2km and repeat it three times for good measure. This equates to 22miles, the length of the English Channel. Easy peasy! The beauty of swimming the English Channel in Manchester instead of the real thing (whic we luv) is the saving of over £3,000, no jellyfish, no errant cross channel ferries or messy sewage discharges from Panamanian oil tankers!

The evening started well with all teams setting a cracking pace. Spirits remained high until dampened somewhat by torrential downpours that meant it was dryer swimming than relaxing. Sheltered under the Uswim gazebos or in the local marketing suite our intrepid teams gritted their teeth and ploughed on regardless escorted by their heroic support kayaks.

Just over 9hours later local heroes Trafford Masters broke the water speed record in an incredible time of 9:17 dragging along the old warrior Dave Randall (!) Our two lovable Liverpudlian teams came in second and third separated by a mere 4minutes with the Floaters floating home in a very respectable 13hours, forty mins. Bravo J

Commiserations to Las Barracudas who bit off more than they could chew on the night but which goes to show ³it ain¹t half tough in the Channel!²

Christiansborg Rundt + Krüger Stafetten, København, Denmark @ København, Denmark
Aug 2 @ 4:30 pm
Date:  Saturday, 30 August, 2014 - 09:30

Christiansborg Rundt 2,000 m



Krüger Stafetten 4x500 meter A swim on the same route as Christiansborg Rundt


OWS Watermelon Race @ Miura in Kanagawa @ Miura beach
Aug 9 – Aug 10 all-day
MČR 20km + MČR štafet, Račice, Czech Republic @ Račice, Czech Republic
Aug 23 – Aug 25 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 23 August, 2014 (All day) - Sunday, 24 August, 2014 (All day)

National Championships 20 km and relay



Contrarellotge Nedant per equips, Platja Ribes Roges (Vilanova Geltrú), Spain
Sep 27 @ 3:30 pm
The Clean Half – Extreme Marathon Swim – 15km, 5-team Relay, or Solo, Hong Kong @ Stanley Main Beach
Oct 11 all-day

Join us for the 7th annual Clean Half swim, around some amazing cliffs, islands and scenery in Hong Kong.  Warm water, great people, and an incredible city.  This is a 5-person relay race, or, solo event.  Organizer will arrange support boats for those who need them.  This is ranked as Asia's top ocean swim.

Swim Lake Hood @ Lake Hood
Dec 14 @ 7:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Lake Hood Open Water will once again be taking place on the shores of Lake Hood, Ashburton in 2013. Don't miss out on this exciting open water event that caters for all ability levels.Delivering events that cater for first timers, recreational and competitive swimmers, tri-athletes and New Zealands finest.

The Trust Ashburton 200m gives junior swimmers a have-a-go event. Trialthletes and more experienced recreational and competitive swimmers have a range of events to take part in from 800m through to the Jennian Homes 10km.

For those looking forward to the State New Zealand Open Water Championships or Ironman trialthlons the 5 and 10km events provide perfect preparation.

Come on, register now and be part of it

открытый чемпионат России -Open champ. Russia Моржевание – winterswimming, Анапа -Anapa, Russia
Jan 20 – Jan 27 all-day
The Cold Half – Extreme Marathon Swim – 15km, solo or teams of 2, Hong Kong @ Stanley Main Beach to Middle Island
Feb 14 all-day

The 2nd annual Cold Half is an incredible training opportunity for those wanting some good mileage in good conditions (meaning potentially tough), amazing scenery, and a great group of motivated do-ers.  This is for solos and teams of 2 only (30min legs).   This year, we are also creating the new "Cold Standard" race, which includes doing the Cold Half solo, and the next day, running in the Standard Chartered Marathon (full length).  We can help get entries to the always-sold-out Standard Chartered Marathon if you let us know by September 15th, 2013.   This is going to be a big race-double for those who are thriving on adrenaline.

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  1. Hary Kintarso

    Hello, my name is Hary Kintarso and I would like to register an Open Water Swimming Festival in Indonesia but apparently the registration to add an event is closed. Can someone help me how I can add an event please? Thank you.

  2. Hary Kintarso

    Hello, my name is Hary Kintarso and I would like to register an Open Water Swimming Festival in Indonesia but apparently the registration to add an event is closed. Can someone help me how I can add an event please? Thank you.

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