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Wakenitz-Man, Lübeck, Germany
Jul 27 – Jul 28 all-day
Date:  Sunday, 27 July, 2014 (All day)

14 km




Bericht 2010

The ‘English Channel In Manchester’ Relay Swim 2014, Salford Quays, Great Britain
Aug 2 @ 5:00 am – 7:00 am

The 'English Channel In Manchester' Relay Swim

Salford Quays | 23/08/13


Here was a challenge to whet the appetite of any long distance swimmers that get excited by urban night swimming in big, bad weather!!

A small but perfectly formed event of five relay teams recruited (or press ganged!) six swimmers who each swam 2km and repeat it three times for good measure. This equates to 22miles, the length of the English Channel. Easy peasy! The beauty of swimming the English Channel in Manchester instead of the real thing (whic we luv) is the saving of over £3,000, no jellyfish, no errant cross channel ferries or messy sewage discharges from Panamanian oil tankers!

The evening started well with all teams setting a cracking pace. Spirits remained high until dampened somewhat by torrential downpours that meant it was dryer swimming than relaxing. Sheltered under the Uswim gazebos or in the local marketing suite our intrepid teams gritted their teeth and ploughed on regardless escorted by their heroic support kayaks.

Just over 9hours later local heroes Trafford Masters broke the water speed record in an incredible time of 9:17 dragging along the old warrior Dave Randall (!) Our two lovable Liverpudlian teams came in second and third separated by a mere 4minutes with the Floaters floating home in a very respectable 13hours, forty mins. Bravo J

Commiserations to Las Barracudas who bit off more than they could chew on the night but which goes to show ³it ain¹t half tough in the Channel!²

Zwemmarathon Stavoren-Medemblik + ONK Marathon, Netherlands @ Stavoren-Medemblik
Aug 8 – Aug 10 all-day
Date:   Friday, 8 August, 2014 (All day) - Saturday, 9 August, 2014 (All day)

45# Zwemmarathon Stavoren-Medemblik + ONK marathon

MČR 20km + MČR štafet, Račice, Czech Republic @ Račice, Czech Republic
Aug 23 – Aug 25 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 23 August, 2014 (All day) - Sunday, 24 August, 2014 (All day)

National Championships 20 km and relay



Marathon Gulf Messiniakos, Kalamata-Koroni,(Κολυμβητικός Μαραθώνιος του Μεσσηνιακού Κόλπου) Σ ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑ – ΚΟΡΩΝΙ), Greece @ Gulf Messiniakos
Sep 6 – Sep 7 all-day
Windermere One Way Swim, Fell Foot National Park, Great Britain @ Fell Foot National Park
Sep 7 all-day

Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014 Enter Online

Event Information


Sunday 7th September 2014


10.5 miles = 1 length


Fell Foot National Park LA12 8NN

Enter Online

Online Entry

Event Introduction

Following our very first and incredibly successful Windermere One Way Swim in 2013, where we achieved a 100% success rate, MyTriEvents is delighted to announce this year’s event will take place on Sunday 7th September.

Starting and finishing at two stunning National Trust venues, Fell Foot Park and Low Wray, the 2014 event will be even bigger and better than last year, with over 100 heroic swimmers benefitting from a truly unforgettable endurance swimming experience.

Event Overview

Date: Sunday 7th September

Distance: 10.5 miles

Start: Fell Foot Park (LA12 8NN) – Parking available

Finish: Low Wray (LA22 0JA) – Parking available

Registration: Fell Foot Park 2pm-6pm on 06/09/14 & 6am-7am on 07/09/14 – Parking available

Official Feed Station: Storrs Hall (LA23 3LG) – Parking available

Cost: £100 (If providing own water based support) or £180 (If you require water based support from MyTriEvents).


The Swim

The Windermere One Way Swim starts at beautiful and sheltered Fell Foot Park at the southern end of Windermere at 08:00am on Sunday 7th September. From here, the epic 10.5 mile swim takes you to the finish at the northern tip of the lake at Low Wray.

For safety reasons, each swimmer must be accompanied at all times by a support kayak or boat. If you don’t have access to support, don’t worry as for an additional cost, MyTriEvents can provide you with an experienced kayaker to support you from start to finish.

Every Windermere One Way swimmer will also benefit from chip timing on the day, provided by SMaRTiming, so you can accurately time your achievement. Wetsuits are recommend, but we welcome any swimmers wishing to take on the challenge without a wetsuit.


Feed Stations

Whilst most swimmers will eat and drink along the way, we’ve teamed up with the stunning Storrs Hall hotel on the shores of Windermere to create an official feed station for both swimmers and spectators to enjoy. Located perfectly half way along the Lake, the protruding pier of Storrs Hall’s landmark temple provides the perfect place for swimmers to refuel and recharge their batteries for the second half of their epic journey.

MyTriEvents will be providing a selection of hot food and drink and if you have any land based support crew on the day, they are more than welcome to join us here to provide you and your water based crew with additional supplies, should it be required.



Registration for the Windermere One Way Swim opens at Fell Foot Park on Saturday 6th September between the hours of 14:00-18:00. Here swimmers will have the opportunity to register, familiarise themselves with the starting area, relax and enjoy fuelling up at the picturesque lakeside cafe.

Families are very welcome too, where children will love the adventure playground and large rhododendrons to play and hide in! There will be a family “splash” party and a few fun races for all to enjoy; so bring your trunks and bathers! Bownessie will also be by the lake posing for photographs and giving out “Splash” prizes.

Whilst we are encouraging everyone to register on Saturday 6th September, if you’re unable to make registration then, please note you will be able to register and collect your packs between the hours of 06:00-07:00 on Sunday 7th September.


The Finish!

After 10.5 miles of swimming our successful athletes will finish their journey at Low Wray, just below the iconic Wray Castle. Here, you will be able to take advantage of all the great facilities available, including, hot food and drink, loos, hot shower and changing facilities and parking for your friends and family so they can welcome you home!


We have swimmers from all over the country coming to take on the challenge of the Windermere One Way Swim and we are encouraging all of them to stay over to enjoy the complete Lake District experience.

Whilst there are a huge range of accommodation options available, we would highly recommend staying at either Storrs Hall, or camping at Low Wray. Depending on your budget, both venues provide the ideal event specific locations meaning you and your support team can more conveniently plan your stay to coordinate with your swim.

Low Wray Camping can be booked here.

Storrs Hall rooms can be booked here.

Please note, places are limited at each location, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Official Partners:

Our official partners for the Windermere One Way Swim are Storrs Hall hotel and The National Trust, both of whom are key to the success of this event; without their support and involvement events such as this would not be possible.

national trust green horizontal logo resize1 150x21 Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014

smartiming 150x99 Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014

storrshall 150x103 Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014

bownessie logo 150x105 Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014


MyTriEvents promotes safe open water swimming if you need any information on group swimming please ask.alphaflag 150x150 Windermere One Way Swim 07/09/2014

Our top tips would be

  • Swim with an organised group in good weather conditions
  • If possible with a canoist displaying an Alpha flag
  • Wear a bright coloured hat
  • Keep close to the shores and avoid swimming in busy boating areas
  • If you are swimming on your own it is a good idea to let someone know of your plans and to wear a tow-float which may make you more vissiable to other water users.

Windermere may be the obvious choice but there are many other beautiful lakes to choose from take a look at the assess table to plan your next open water swim.  lakes table

Lake District National Park advice on swimming

Águas Abertas do Porto Santo, Calheta-Cais do Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal @ Calheta / Cais do Porto Santo
Sep 27 all-day
Garoma Brněnský Maratón, Brno, Czech Republic @ Brno, Czech Republic
Jun 1 all-day

Disciplines: youth, adults, masters 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km
older pupils 5 km
younger pupils, the public 1 km
Radius: 500 m to 1 km race - swim around the right bank and back

Illes Formigues – Illes Medes, Calella Palafrugell, Spain @ Girona, Spain
Jun 7 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 7 June, 2014 (All day)

22,3 km


O Pohár (Cup) Lídy Jelínkové, Water Resevoir at Mělice Prelouce (Mělice), Czech Rebublic @ Prelouc, Czech Republic
Jun 7 – Jun 8 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 7 June, 2014 (All day) - Sunday, 8 June, 2014 (All day)

Sunday qualifying 20 km

3km (dorost, dospělí, masters), 5km (dorost, dospělí, masters), 10km (dorost, dospělí, masters), 3km (starší žáci), 5km (starší žáci), 1km (mladší žáci), 3km (mladší žáci)



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  2. Hary Kintarso

    Hello, my name is Hary Kintarso and I would like to register an Open Water Swimming Festival in Indonesia but apparently the registration to add an event is closed. Can someone help me how I can add an event please? Thank you.

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