April 26, 2019 all-day
4th Prades Siurana (Neda el Món)
Pantà de Siurana

Prades Siurana

Swimming 3,000m in a lake is impressive. The Siurana Lake is surrounded by spectacular sceneries of the Montsant Range. It’s near Prades, a wine land, olive oil land and hazelnut bushes. It’s an ideal event to bring your friends and relatives: they can follow the crossing by kayaks they can rent at the Canoekayak Club.


Prades Siurana, 3,000m


  • Prades excursion. We’ve prepared a (free) two hours excursion, in the Prades Mountains. It will be on Saturday April 26th, the day before the 4th Prades Siurana Crossing. It is meant to be done by the whole family, no age limits. We’ll come together at 4.30pm at the PradesTown Hall.
  • Closure lunch: After the 4th Prades Siurana Crossing there will be a closure lunch at the Prades “Centre Cívic”. We will have salads as a starter and paella as a main course. You can buy your tickets in the website www.nedaelmon.com
  • Insurances: All swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • Wetsuit rental: You can rent a wetsuit at Neda el Món.
  • Physiotherapy: On arrival a physiotherapy service will be offered by a team of professionals from “El Quinto Meta”.
  • Cloakroom service: There will be a cloakroom service at the Siurana Lake pier.
  • Showers and changing rooms: Anybody can have a shower at the Prades Sports Centre.
  • Friends and relatives: They can follow the crossing either walking the 6km surrounding the lake, or riding their mountain bikes. They can also rent kayaks and follow their swimmer by kayak (12€ one hour or 17€ for two hours).
  • Security/medical service: In first place the kayaks will provide security. In addition there will be a medical service and an ambulance at the arrival.
  • Accommodation. If you want to stay at Prades, click on our colaborators www.traveltriathlon.com will take care of you.
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