Staged at Victory Park, Rumson Nj

Athlete Instructions/Start Times:

Kids Swim 300 yards at 8:00 (12 yrs and younger)

1.2 Mile (1 loop) 1st heat 8:15 am    First heat Men, Second heat Women, separated by approximately 3 minutes
2.4 Mile (2 loop) 1st heat 8:25 am     First heat Men, Second heat Women, separated by approximately 3 minutes

We will be swimming in a clockwise rotation. Tide wile be going out starting at 8:30, so while out in the river, return strip will be with the tide. Bring tinted goggles if possible, the sun could be in your face on return trip.

Starting on the beach, swimming toward the end of the =dock, keeping buoys on your right at all times. Yellow buoys on the way out, Orange on the way back

You will swim around the docks, and stay to the left of the buoys, hugging the shore line until you reach the point at the end of the cove. At that point you will swim directly east, parallel to the channel, the tide will be with you at this point. Once you approach the last turn buoy, turn a 90 degree turn towards Victory Park.

We will have two completely separate finishes. Please study the finish area for your distance prior to the start

1.2 swimmers finishing on one side, the 2.4 will finish first loop, go through the chute and back out for second loop. 2.4 finish will be  a separate map towards the east side of the beach. Look for finish Archway for 2.4

 At check in, we will be marking your hand and your cap with your chip number. Chips  can go OVER your wetsuit (for easier removal)  on your ankle only, not on your wrist!

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