June 4, 2017 all-day
National Harbor
Fort Washington, MD 20745
Swim Across the Potomac: Washington's Crossing @ Fort Washington | Maryland | United States

Race Format:
The Washington's Crossing is a race across the Potomac River beginning when swimmers board a Potomac Riverboat water taxi and cruise to the western point of the river where Alexandria, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC intersect. From there, jump in the river, and begin the race with a water start. At the sound of the starting horn, swimmers will travel approximately 2.3
kilometers back on a well marked course, to the National Harbor beach lagoon to be greeted by the sculpture, the Awakening. Washington's Crossing is limited to 250 swimmers, so register now!

Race Concept:
Washington's Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac inspires and satisfies the natural draw and challenge of people to swim across a body of water from one bank to the other. As long as people have known how to swim, they have looked across a lake, river, bay, even ocean, and longed to jump in and swim to the other side. Fast becoming a capital of open water swimming, the Nation’s Capital plays host to a swim that allows swimmers of all abilities to meet a new personal quest. National Harbor is the perfect venue to provide the launching point for such an exhilarating event. Similar swim crossings regularly sell out and with a limited number of entries available, we expect the same. Washington's Crossing is destined to be a nationally recognized swim growing in prestige and attendance commensurate with our Nation’s Capital.

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