September 21, 2015 – September 22, 2015 all-day
L´escala, Gerona (Costa Brava). SPAIN
35 Euros
Aida Molina

Swim The Costa Brava aims at becoming the meeting point for all the open water swimmers at national as well as international level.

We understand that certain trends have changed and so have the concerns of thousands of followers and sportsmen enthusiasts of open water swimming. The first stage (Swim the Costa Brava) within the European Open Water Swimming Championship is born precisely out of the desire to address these changes and to honour this sports disicpline.

swim the costa brava evento

Why L’Escala, the Costa Brava?

It is undeniable that the choice of location is always linked to the quality of both water and its beaches and on this occassion we have also followed these criteria. However, our choice of location pretends to go beyond the charm of L’Escala’s winding coastline and relies on dynamization of cultural and touristic activities paired with the organization of sporting events. With these ideas in mind, we bet for a weekend where every person, either an adult or a child, can find his or her own place.

Why Cala Montgó, the Costa Brava?

Cala Montgó hides in a tiny rocky bay with crystalline turquoise waters surrounded by pines and cliffs. Our search for a beach protected from the Tramontana wind so frequent in the Empordá has lead us to this spot of exceptional beauty.

As the event organizers we support sustainable and family tourism; hence, the importance of the choice of the event’s location. Cala Montgó features family beaches paired with a wide range of accommodation and catering offers tailored to all ages and clients. Comfortable for pedestrian transit, it is, without any doubt, an ideal place.

 The day before the race and after the briefing a live music concert will be organized right on the beach front and this will be followed by a special surprise related to a SPA treatment!

Accommodation and transfer options are available for international swimmers.



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