Ocean Swims

The New Zealand Ocean Swim Series represents the upper echelon of ocean swims.
This page features a list of upcoming ocean swims in the Race Calendar.

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Leipziger Anbaden, Germany @ Leipziger Anbaden, Germany
Dec 1 – Dec 2 all-day
Winterswimming on the Elbe 7# Francis Memorial Kašparovského, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republik @ 7# Francis Memorial Kašparovského
Dec 1 – Dec 2 all-day

Technical provisions


First        competes according to the rules and competition rules DZP ČSPS


Second        floats on the river Elbe, on lines 100 and 250 meters without ratings, on lines 500, 750 and   1000 m with time measurement and evaluation in order of finish. According water flow lines can be routed downstream, or across the river and back (100m) and longer tracks the upstream turnaround   back - rated as competition in standing water


Third        Preliminary schedule:

12:30 organizational arrival in the lobby, meeting with routes and timetable

12:40 Official opening ceremony and

12:50 swimming at 100 and 250m

13:10 main race 1 km

13:40 750 meters competition

14:00 500 competition

15:00 ceremony


4th        competition is open to members only sections DZP with valid identification


5th        The organizers reserve the right to edit tracks and program according to current conditions; starting numbers will be identical to the sequence in the evaluation of CP after the last race in spring 2012, in   case heats or interval start the starting order according to the start numbers


6th        more information: Karel Vales, tel: 732 328 216 or George Kuřina, tel: 7 2407 2407

6 Horas de Natación Solidaria , Orihuela, Spain @ Orihuela, Spain
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Christmas Day Swim, Aldeburgh, Great Britain @ Aldeburgh, Great Britain
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Cimento – Albenga (Savona) | Bagni Derna, Italy @ Bagni Derna, Italy
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Cimento – Arenzano (Genova) | Ass. Pescatori “La Scurpina”, Italy @ La Scurpina”, Italy
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Cimento – Borgio (Savona) | Bagni Vela, Italy @ Bagni Vela, Italy
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Cimento – Spotorno (Savona) | Molo Sirio, Italy @ Molo Sirio, Italy
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day
Cimento Invernale, 6# Sestri Levante , Italy @ Sestri Levante (Genoa)
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day

Calendar Winterswimming Open Water Season 2011-2012

The September 11, 2011 has begun Cimenti Winter of 2011-2012 season and here are the list of appointments. NAL Gianni Billeci thanks for your cooperation.

In principle, Winter Cimenti are held in the same way: meeting and registration 10.00 am, 11.00 am dive and swim.

The refreshments at the end of the test does not fail at times at the discretion of the Organiser is also a gift for the participants to remember the event.

To see the dates of the events can also refer to the ' Agenda (NAL) (organized per week) or monthly calendar on the side NAL.

info 2011:

6 ° Cimento winter swimming championship

Location: Sestri Levante (Genoa)
Date: December 2, 2011
Distance: 200 m

Organization: Swimming Club Sestri Levante
Way of the Closed 9, Sestri Levante
Tel. / Fax 0185.43727

Responsible organization in water: Franco Lo Cascio 3282185276

Contact refreshments and awards: President Titta Court

Registration Deadline: December 2, 2011
Entry fee: Free
Meeting arena: 11.00 am
c / o seat LEAGUE ITALIAN NAVAL, Bay of Portobello

Swim-out: 12.00

Hours Refreshments: After the swim, for all
Prizes: After the swim
General notes: Allowed goggles and swimming costume.
In order to optimize the success of the event, to be held at any time, please send the
Pre-registration to the Club organizer. The sea water is guaranteed above 18 ° while the outside will be a surprise.

Kerstduik Polare, Belgium @ Polare, Belgium
Dec 2 – Dec 3 all-day