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Crossing the Straits of Gibraltar – Swim the World @ Tarifa - Cadiz
Sep 13 – Sep 26 all-day

Swim across the Straits of Gibraltar


A very big challenge, if not the biggest, for an open water swimmer is crossing the Straits of Gibraltar. It was a proposal of the same swim addicts who come to our activities which encouraged us to create a Neda el Món group for this exciting challenge. In 2012, 12 Neda el Món swimmers succeeded, 20 in 2013 and this year we pretend that even more swimmers manage to do so.

If you aim to cross the Straits and you would like to join the Neda el Món group, please contact us at info@nedaelmon.com and tell us what motivates you to do so. We will cross the Straits of Gibraltar between September 15th and September 28th.

The Neda el Món pack costs 1,980€. It includes the arrangements, the ACNEG payment, travel costs, accommodation, internal transfers and previous group training supervised by Jonathan Gómez.

In addition, if you cross the Straits with Neda el Món, we will offer you the Neda el Món pack , which allows you to participate free of charge to all the Neda el Món crossings in 2014 (except for Formigues Islands- Medes Islands and SwimHolidays).

Cheers and let's reach Africa!

Swim the Costa Brava, Cala Montgó, Spain @ Costa Brava, Cala Montgó, Spain
Sep 19 – Sep 21 all-day

Cala Montgó Swim Festival 19-20-21/09/2014



Times Friday 19 Times Saturday 20 Times Sunday 21
7:00 a.m. Marathon 12K briefing 3-7 p.m. Sporting village 7:15 a.m. Cala Montgó – Port de la Clota transfer
7h30 a.m. Start of the Marathon 12K race (Cala Montgó) 4:00 p.m. Kid’s race start 7:30 a.m. 6.0k race timing chips pick up + Cloakroom service (La Clota harbour)
1:00 p.m. Awards ceremony Marathon 12K race 5:00 p.m. Relay race start 8:00 a.m. Board Atlantida III catamaran*
 2:00 p.m. Transfer back to Cala Montgó 5:45 p.m. Awards ceremony Kid’s & Relay races 8:30 a.m. Start of 6.0km race (Illa Mateua beach)
 6:30 p.m 6K / 3K / 1.5K briefing. Swimer’s bag delivery (timing chips pick up) 10:30-11:30 a.m. Timing Chips pick up 3.5km/1.5 km races + Cloakroom service (Cala Montgó)
Evening Live music concert 12:00 p.m. Start of 3.0km race (Cala Montgó beach)
12:15 p.m. Start of 1.5km race (Cala Montgó beach)
12-2 p.m. Botifarra & pasta party
3:00 p.m. Awards ceremony and draws


The Marathon 12K race challenge has been incorporated into the annual program for 2014. Swimmers will set off from Cala Montgó beach following the stunning Montgrí natural park towards l´Estartit beach which is literally the next town. In the event of bad weather conditions or for the safety of the group, the race will be postponed until the following day.

•Bagagge drop

• La Clota port in l’ Escala for the 6.0K race
• Cala Montgó beach for both the 3.5K and 1.5 races and also for the 12K challenge

•Baggage collection 

•Cala Montgó beach for the 3 races on Sunday 21st and at l´Estartit beach for the 12K challenge. The collection points for your personal belongings will be at the baggage storage point clearly identified.

* We offer the possibility for the accompanying people to join the swimmers on the boat to fully enjoy the start of 6km race as well as part of its route.




Dates 21/09/2014
Starting time 12:15p.m.
Start Cala Montgó
Finish Cala Montgó
Distance 1.5 km
Limited to 100 participants
Feeding points 0
Categories Male / Female

Course map:



Dates 21/09/2014
Starting time 12:00p.m.
Start Cala Montgó
Finish Cala Montgó
Distance 3 km
Limited to 200 participants
Feeding points 0
Categories Male skin / Female skin / Male wetsuit / Female wetsuit

Course map:



Dates 21/09/2014
Starting time 8:30 a.m.
Start Cala Ferriol
Finish Cala Montgó
Distance 6 km
Limited to 200 participants
Feeding points 1
Categories Male skin / Female skin / Male wetsuit / Female wetsuit

Course map:



Dates 19/09/2014
Starting time 7:30 a.m.
Start Cala Montgó
Finish L’Estartit seaport
Distance 12 km
Limited to 100 participants
Feeding points 2
Categories Male skin / Female skin / Male wetsuit / Female wetsuit

Course map:



Dates 20/09/2014
Starting time 5:00 p.m.
Start Cala Montgó
Finish Cala Montgó
Modality 3×400
Distance 400 m (per swimmer)
Limited to 20 teams per category
Categories Male / Female

Course map:



Dates 20/09/2014
Starting time 4 p.m.
Start Cala Montgó
Finish Cala Montgó
Distance 100 m
Participants limits 50 participants
Feeding points 0
Categories Male (Age 6 – 12) / Female (Age 6-12)

Course map:





THE COMPETITION: Cala Montgó Swim Festival

1.DEFINITION OF THE COMPETITION: Cala Montgó Swim Festival is an international open water swimming competition organized by CultureSport 365 in collaboration with the Pirineu- Costa Brava Tourist Board.

2. DISTANCES: Marathon 12Km, long 6.0km, medium 3.0km, popular 1.5km, plus a relay and a kid’s race.

3.DATES: Friday, September 19 -Sunday, September 21, 2014(activities planned throughout the whole weekend)

4.VENUE : Cala Montgó / L’Escala – Torroella de Montgrí (Costa Brava)


Marathon 12K

The organization highly recommends having successfully completed at least two 6km races in the two years prior to the competition.

To improve safety and visibility of the swimmers the organization will provide each participant with a Tow-Flow buoy, courtesy of the ChillSwim brand. Once the race is complete, the participants will be able to keep the buoys. Use of the buoy is obligatory during 12km race and optional for all other distances.


Female Absolute Category without neoprene (Female Senior Category without neoprene)

Male Absolute Category without neoprene (Male Senior Category without neoprene)

Female Absolute Category with neoprene ( Female Senior Category with neoprene)

Male Absolute Category with neoprene (Male Senior Category with neoprene)

Prizes :

The first five classified swimmers in each category

Timing: Electronic-chip

Time Limit: 7 hours

6km race

The organization highly recommends having successfully completed at least two 3km races in the two years prior to the competition.


Female Absolute Category without neoprene (Female Senior Category without neoprene)

Male Absolute Category without neoprene (Male Senior Category without neoprene)

Female Absolute Category with neoprene (Female Senior Category with neoprene)

Male Absolute Category with neoprene (Male Senior Category with neoprene)


The first five classified swimmers in each category

Timing: Electronic-chip

Time Limit: 3  hours

3km race

The organization highly recommends having successfully completed at least two 2km races in the two years prior to the competition.


Female Absolute Category without neoprene (Female Senior Category without neoprene)

Male Absolute Category without neoprene (Male Senior Category without neoprene)

Female Absolute Category with neoprene (Female Senior Category with neoprene)

Male Absolute Category with neoprene (Male Senior Category with neoprene)


The first three classified swimmers in each category

Timing: Electronic-chip

Time Limit: 2  hours

1.5 km  Popular race

Popular non-competitive race. Intended either for swimmers making their debut in the world of open water swimming or swimmers who prefer participating in a short distance race.

There aren’t any  categories or prizes in this race due to its non-competitive nature.

Timing: Electronic-chip

Time Limit: 1 hour


Race in a team modality. Each team will consist of 3 swimmers and each swimmer must cover 400 meters distance swimming plus the respective  stretch of sand until getting to the pit stop where the next swimmer will be awaiting.

Swimmers belonging to the same team must wear swimming caps of the same colour. The caps for this race won’t be provided by the organization.


Female Absolute Category

Male Absolute Category


The first three classified teams in each category .

Timing: Manual – without chip

Kid’s race:

100 meters race for swimmers aged between 6-12.

The organization won’t provide caps, thus, leaving it up to each swimmer  to decide which cap to wear. Please note that the caps must be made out of one of the following materials: textile, latex or silicone.


Female 6-12 category

Male 6-12 category


The first 3 classified teams  in each category

Timing: Manual – without chip

6.REGISTRATION : The registration fees are not transferable and imply the acceptance of all the articles of the present  rules and regulations as well as the purchase terms and conditions. All fees are listed in the “Registration” section of this website and can be processed  using the online payment system.

In the event of not being able to attend the competition, the registered participant will not  be able to transfer his/her rights of participation to another person.

In the event of adverse weather conditions or any other conditions beyond our control (plague of jellyfish, strong currents, high winds, etc. ) the organizers of the event reserve the right to modify and even cancel the race out of safety reasons. Under the circumstances described above, no refunds of the registration fees will be given.

Registration fees include:

•The right to participate in the competition
•Assistance during the race
•Supplies during and after the race
•Merchandising (T-shirt, swim cap, gift bags, etc.)
•The right to participate in additional activities scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2013
• Classification and timing with the chip (except 1.5km popular race, relays and kid’s race)


All the participants declare being in optimal health conditions and not having knowledge of any motive or reason that will prevent them from participating in the Swim The Costa Brava Championship. For this reason the swimmers agree to participate under their responsibility. The organizing body recommends for 6.0 km swimmers to have previously successfully completed  3.000 m ( or more) crossing or to have obtained time results inferior to 45 min in 1500 crossing in the last two years.

Sportsmen of any nationality, federated or not, and born after 1995 are eligible for participation. (the competition is recommended for participants over 18). The participants under 18 must be in possession and provide at the moment of picking up their start number the License of respective Swimming Federation and a signed written consent of their parents or tutors. No swimmers under 18  will be authorized to participate in Swim The Costa Brava competition without a signed consent delivered to the organizing committee.

In accordance with the current legislation, the event organizers hire  general civil liability insurance as well as accident insurance that will cover all the participants in the three distances.


Land and sea security presence is guaranteed. On the day of the competition motor boats, kayaks and rescue boats will be present to guarantee the safety of the swimmers. On land there will be plenty of support ambulances and professional medical staff.

The medical staff provided by the event organizers is authorized to withdraw any participants for medical reasons.


Wearing neoprene is not obligatory although highly recommendable by the organization. There will be two different classifications, one for swimmers wearing neoprene and another one for those who don’t.

Once registered in the “neoprene” or “without neoprene ” modality, the registration can’t be changed or modified.

It is mandatory to wear swim cap provided by the organization for safety reasons and to improve swimmer’s visibility in the water.

The use of such electronic devices as watches, heart rate monitors and water GPS is allowed. However, the use of underwater music players and/or similar devices is not allowed.

The use of any type of auxiliary propulsive or flotation equipment or material is prohibited, except in special cases to be considered by the organization.


The organization will set for the participants refreshment points during 3km, 6km and 12km races,  as will as at the finish of every trial. The refreshment points will be properly signposted and their exact locations will be disclosed during the technical briefing.

It is up to the participants to decide whether to have a stop during the race or not. In any case all the participants may use  the support boat to rest and refuell. Please note that getting on the boat is strictly prohibited. In case of getting on the boat, the participants will be automatically disqualified.


The organizing committee reserves the right to withdraw any participant from the competition for safety reasons.

Circumstances for swimmer withdrawal:

• Whenever the swimmer exceeds time limits mentioned in the section 5.
• In case of advert weather conditions that endanger the participants of the competition.
• Whenever a swimmer shows  symptoms of dehydration, hypothermia, extreme fatigue, extremely slow pace or any other symptom that reveals that the swimmer cannot swim adequately.
•Swimmers who do not respect the safety limits established by the organizing committee. Swimmers must follow the indications and guidelines of the technical team at all times.
•When the swimmer makes a distress signal by lifting one or both arms.

Support boat volunteers will monitor swimmers’ safety and will inform the technical team about swimmers’ physical conditions and weather conditions.


In the event of adverse weather conditions and in reference to the long-distance race the organizers of the event  might consider it necessary to have an alternative race inside Cala Montgó. For more information please see the section 6.


The organizing committee informs and you agree to the following:

All the personal information provided by you at the moment of registration for the competition or by means of any other channels at the web  www.swimthecostabrava.com is incorporated into a secure and confidential database. Culture Sport 365 is responsable for this database.

The main purpose of this data collection is no other than the administration and management of the information of the competition, especially at the moment of the competition as such. In this line and with clearly sporting, promotional and commercial aims, we ask sportsmen and their children to give their consent for the reproduction of their images in photographs and other recordings that will take place during different scheduled activities.

In case you wish to withdraw your consent, you  must notify Culture Sport 365 in writing and, under the provisions of the Organic law 15/1999 of 13th December, you can rectify or cancel partially or totally your personal data.



  • Briefing. Friday 19th, 12k race technical briefing and Satuday 20th, 1.5K, 3.0K and 6.0K briefing
  • Live music group will brighten up the evening just the day before the race and before the briefing.
  • Wetsuits rental service available. 
  • Alternative activities throughout the weekend.
  • Baggage store. Friday 19—–Cala Montgó (12K) Sunday 21—Cala Montgó (1.5K y 3.0K) and la Clota harbour (6.0K)
  • Changing areas will be available within the event village.
  • Shower facilities and wetsuits cleaning service in the arrival area.
  • Safety on the water/medical service. Kayaks, engine boats and sea rescue boat on-site. The Swim the Costa Brava organization provides unparalleled levels of water safety with the experienced and knowledgeable Human Race Water Safety Crew looking after you at every stroke. There will be an ambulance in Cala Mongó.
  • Insurance. The organization takes out liability insurance cover as well as accident insurance for every participant.
  • Supplies.  The organization will set for the participants feeding points during and after the race. The refreshment points will be properly signposted by the organization.
  • Catamaran ride. The organization will provide a catamaran ride for the accompanying persons so that they can follow the race.
  • Complimentary massage service after the race.
  • Traditional meal (grilled meat and pasta for main course!) at the restaurant Can Miquel that has an outdoor space facing the beach.Supreme location to celebrate and round off a perfect weekend of open water and outdoor activities! Tickets to the “farewell lunch” can  be purchased when registering for the event.
  • Swim holidays package. Tuesday 23 Sept to Thrusday 25 Sept (3 days, 2 nights)
  • All swimmers will receive an event swim cap and an exclusive Swim Series medal as well as an event-specific clothes. Gift bags will be given to participants too.

L´Escala–Cala Montgó beach is situated 143Km away from Barcelona and 53Km from the airport of Girona.

If you have chosen to travel by plane because you are coming from a long way away, you can then fly to the Girona airport with Ryanair that links this airport with national and international destinations or from Barcelona-El Prat airport- where many international airlines operate from-

There are various options when travelling to L´Escala by road. You can use the AP-7 motorway or the N-II road.The roads are all in good condition and they are well signed.

Ver mapa más grande


Family hotel Can Miquel

Package Includes Package does not include
Accommodation in a double/triple room with breakfast Lunches, dinners or any extra meal not mentioned in the package
Transfer Barcelona airport-Hotel-Back to Barcelona (scheduled times) Registration for the competition. To register please go to the “Registration” tab of the website.
1 dinner included

2 NIGHTS PACKAGE 165€ – Soon available. Price per person sharing a double room 3 NIGHTS PACKAGE 195€ – Soon available. Price per person sharing a double room  

Illa Mateua Camping Resort

Package Includes Package does not include
Accommodation in bungalow confort up to 4 people Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
Transfer Barcelona airport-Hotel-Back to Barcelona (scheduled times) Registration for the competition. To register please go to the “Registration” tab of the website.

2 NIGHTS PACKAGE 155€ – Soon available 3 NIGHTS PACKAGE 175€ – Soon available.  

Coach transfer to l´Escala—Cala Montgó

Transfer times Barcelona airport pick-up Centre of Barcelona pick-up
Thursday 18 Sept 4.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.
Friday 19 Sept 6.00 p.m. 6.30 p.m.
Saturday 20 Sept 4.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.

•The times are approximate, can be slightly modified to accommodate the needs of participants/companions.
• Girona airport pick-up upon request. 

Coach transfer back to Barcelona

Transfer times City of Barcelona drop-off Barcelona airport  drop-off
Sunday 21 Sept 6.00 p.m. 6.30 p.m.
Monday 22 Sept 4.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.

•The times are approximate, can be slightly modified to accommodate the needs of participants/companions.
•To arrange a transfer service on Monday a minimum of 7 people is required.
• Girona airport drop-off upon request. 

Hotel Features

Features Can Miquel hotel
Room facilities Modern and newly- renovated hotel rooms
Hotel facilities Restaurant, bar, daily press, gardens, internet, terrace, smoking area, tennis court, playroom, pool table, ping pong, library, outdoors grill, cycling, diving, horseback riding, snorkeling, mini-golf, outdoor swimming pool.
Menu Lunch or dinner 3 couse menu: 15 euros per person / day VAT included. 
Rooms Double rooms for a single use are not available


Features Illa Mateua Camping resort
Bungalows facilities bathroom with shower, kitchen, large dining room, one double room and one twin-bedded room, TV, etc.
Campsite facilities Modern sanitation facilities with hot water provided by solar energy, fully adapted for handicapped people, two swimming-pools plus children’s pool, children’s playpark, multi-purpose sports court, football and futsal, petanque, tennis, ping pong, bar-cafeteria, reastaurant, supermarket, daily press, automatic washing machines, tumble dryers, chemical WC, automatic cash dispenser.

Fotos-camping-illa-mateua swim the costa brava

According to requests received after  last year’s event, Swim the Costa Brava team has arranged for you a 3 day swimming holiday package scheduled for Sept 23-25.

This promising tour will take you to the most unknown spots and beaches precisely in the Catalonia region.We offer you a 3-day break of open water swimming where guided swims previously designed by our technical team harmoniously combined with cultural visits. At all times the swimmers will be escorted by safety crew to guarantee their safety and well-being, taking extreme caution in any undertaken swim.

Don’t you feel like trying it?


23-25 Sept Swim Itinerary
Day 1 5.0K swim (Calella de Palafrugell – Baix Empordà)
Day 2 3.5K swim  (Palamós – Baix Empordà)
Day 3 5.0K swim (Tamariu – Baix Empordà)

Weather conditions: Open water swimming does require an inherent degree of on-trip flexibility, so required changes in the planned itinerary will not be uncommon and will undoubtedly add to the uniqueness of each tour.

23-25 Sept Trip Summary
Tour highlights  A perfect combination of stunning landscapes, mild climate, culture & cuisine
Duration 3 days/2 nights
Dates September 23-25
Swim Locations Calella de Palafrugell, Palamós, Tamariu
Gathering Cala Montgó early in the 23rd
Entertainment Visit the Gothic quartier of Pals and either Peralada castle or Besalú medieval village.
Accommodation 3* Sup.hotel in Calella de Palafrugell


What is included What is not included
2 nights accommodation 3* hotel (half board basis) Airline tickets
Daily supported swims. Speadboat and/or Kayak escorting Visas expenses if applicable
Visit the Gothic quarter of Pals declared a Historic Artistic Site Telephone calls
Visit to either the Peralada Castle or Besalú that was
designated as a historical national property
Personal expenses that are not included in the program
Fully guided tour with full safety Meals not specified in the program
Transfers Travel/accident insurance coverage
Lots of fun



swimming holidays catalonia


For all accompanying people who wish to enjoy a boat ride while contemplating the spectacular 6km start and part of the route that runs in the open sea, the organizers put at their disposal Atlantida III, a fabulous catamaran of 25 m in length with underwater view.

It is a great opportunity for all those who wish to admire part of the 6km route as well as the beauty of rugged coastline landscape untouched by human hands.

The acompanying persons will share the boat which takes the participants to the start point of the race, at 8:00 am Sunday morning at La Clota Port (L’Escala). The boat trip takes 2 hours (8-10am).

Once the passengers disembark at La Clota Port, a shuttle provided by the organizers will take the participants to Cala Montgó (final race 6.0km).

Tariffs Atlantida III catamaran
Adults 18.00 Euros
Children under 6 years old free (accompanied by adults)
Children 6-12 10.00 Euros (accompanied by adults)



Isarschwimmen, München, Germany @ 81379 München
Sep 20 – Sep 21 all-day
Date: Saturday, 20 September, 2014 (All day)


24. Isarschwimmen
5,5 km neoprene and flippers

Traditionell findet das Isarschwimmenam im Isarkanal im Bereich zwischen Pullach und Thalkirchen statt. Nach dem Eintreffen der Teilnehmer und der Eröffnung der Veranstaltung durch den Schirmherren, Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude, werden die Schwimmer mit Bussen zum Start gebracht. Vom Kraftwerk Pullach aus wird der Isarkanal dann bis zur Floßlände in Thalkirchen durchschwommen. Die zu schwimmende Strecke beträgt ca. 5,5 km.


81379 München

DLRG München-Mitte e.V.


089/44 47 96 30
Swim the Costa Brava 1.5km, 3.5km, 6.0km, Catalonia (Spain) @ L´escala, Gerona (Costa Brava). SPAIN
Sep 21 all-day

Swim The Costa Brava aims at becoming the meeting point for all the open water swimmers at national as well as international level.

We understand that certain trends have changed and so have the concerns of thousands of followers and sportsmen enthusiasts of open water swimming. The first stage (Swim the Costa Brava) within the European Open Water Swimming Championship is born precisely out of the desire to address these changes and to honour this sports disicpline.

swim the costa brava evento

Why L’Escala, the Costa Brava?

It is undeniable that the choice of location is always linked to the quality of both water and its beaches and on this occassion we have also followed these criteria. However, our choice of location pretends to go beyond the charm of L’Escala’s winding coastline and relies on dynamization of cultural and touristic activities paired with the organization of sporting events. With these ideas in mind, we bet for a weekend where every person, either an adult or a child, can find his or her own place.

Why Cala Montgó, the Costa Brava?

Cala Montgó hides in a tiny rocky bay with crystalline turquoise waters surrounded by pines and cliffs. Our search for a beach protected from the Tramontana wind so frequent in the Empordá has lead us to this spot of exceptional beauty.

As the event organizers we support sustainable and family tourism; hence, the importance of the choice of the event’s location. Cala Montgó features family beaches paired with a wide range of accommodation and catering offers tailored to all ages and clients. Comfortable for pedestrian transit, it is, without any doubt, an ideal place.

 The day before the race and after the briefing a live music concert will be organized right on the beach front and this will be followed by a special surprise related to a SPA treatment!

Accommodation and transfer options are available for international swimmers.



Campionati Italiani Masters Sprint in mare 1.5 km, Laigueglia (SV), Italy @ Laigueglia (SV), Italy
Sep 22 all-day
Alcatraz Invitational
Sep 23 all-day
Alligator Lighthouse Swim @ Amara Cay Resort
Sep 23 all-day

The Swim for Alligator Lighthouse is an 8-mile open water swim in Islamorada, the Florida Keys.

Founded by Florida Keys artist “Lighthouse Larry” Herlth, the event raises awareness of the six aging offshore Florida Keys lighthouses fabricated in the 1800s. Constructed to warn ships away from the Florida Keys reef tract, the lighthouses are no longer maintained, as their function has been replaced by Modern Global Positioning System navigation.

Proceeds from the swim benefit the Friends of the Pool in Islamorada, providing scholarships for high school students and funding swimming and diving programs for the community. The Swim also supports affordable investments towards the preservation of Alligator Light.

Swim Across America-Charlotte @ Lake Norman YMCA
Sep 23 all-day

A 1/2 mile, 1.5 mile and 3 mile swim, and a 2 mile relay swim at Lake Norman to benefit cancer research.


Swim for the Potomac
Sep 23 all-day

Swim for the Potomac is dedicated to bringing awareness to Washington DC's grandest natural resource, the Potomac River. Not only is the river home to a growing number of swimming paddling and rowing competitions, recreation, tourism, but it also supplies the drinking water to most of the metropolitan area. It ultimately lies with each of us to protect the health of the river.


Swim for the Potomac
Sep 23 all-day
Swim for the Potomac @ Fort Washington | Maryland | United States

Check in opens:
6:45 AM for the 10K
7:15 AM for the 500m, 3K, 5K and 2.4 mi.

Mandatory safety meeting: 7:00AM for 10K,
7:50AM for 500m, 3K, 5K 2,4 mi.

10K Start 7:10 AM
5K Start 8:00 AM
500m Start 8:20 AM
3K & 2.4mi Start 8:10 AM

LOCATION: North Cove (Main Pier) at National Harbor, MD 20745
See www.nationalharbor.com for Hotels, Directions, Maps and other information.
Event Web Site: www.swimforthepotomac.com
For Info contact: info@waveoneswimming.com
Event Director, Denis Crean, email: denis@waveoneswimming.com
On Water Coordinator: Matt Tourville