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This page provides an ongoing list of all upcoming open water swimming events in the database in chronological order.  To search events by category, click on the other links in the menu (e.g., Charity Swims, Eco Swims, Relay Swims, etc.)


5 km sund SSÍ / Laugardalslaug, Iceland @ SSÍ / Laugardalslaug, Iceland
Apr 14 all-day
National Champ. OWS, Laugardalslaug, Reykjavik, Iceland @ Reykjavik, Iceland
Apr 14 all-day
Date: Monday, 14 April, 2014 (All day)

Nat Champ. 5km pool



National Championships pool, Rio Maior, Portugal @ Rio Maior, Portugal
Apr 26 all-day
Date: Saturday, 26 April, 2014 (All day)


Campeonato Nacional Longa Distância - Final

Sábado, 26/04/2014


Sessão 1 - Sáb, 26/04/2014 - 10:00
Sessão 2 - Sex, 26/04/2013 - 16:00

Rio Maior
Época desportiva: 2013/2014

Federação Portuguesa de Natação
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Regulamento de Competições Nacionais Águas Abertas 2013-2014


Zwemwedstrijd De 10 km van Zwaag in Zwembad “De Wijzend”, Netherlands @ Zwembad
Apr 26 all-day
Date:  Saturday, 26 April, 2014 (All day)

Zaterdag 26 April is het alweer de 14de keer dat de 10 km van Zwaag van start gaat.
Deze 10 km zwemwedstrijd in zwembad De Wijzend is toch wel uniek in Nederland.
Dit omdat het de enige10 km zwemwedstrijd in een 50 meter buitenbad is.
En deze zwemwedstrijd wordt altijd gehouden als zwembad De Wijzend in Zwaag open gaat voor het zomer seizoen.



4X Swim Games, Montgat, Barcelona, Spain @ Montgat, Barcelona
Apr 26 @ 9:30 am

Date: Saturday, 26 April, 2014 - 09:30

1,5 km non-competitive swim

or max. 1200 m in pool at the 4X Swim Game


4X Swim Games + 1.5K non competitive swim (26/04/2014)

Timing Activity
9h30 Entrance to the sporting venue. Sports village.
9h30 – 10h 4X Swim Games swimmers warm up
10h – 11h 4X Swim Games qualifying rounds
11h – 11h30 4X Swim Games semi-finals
11h30 – 12h00 4X Swim Games finals
12h Award ceremony + Beach Party kick off
12h15 Swimsuits parade
12h30 1.5K non competitive swim
Course map 

4X-swim-games open water swimmingDescripción

•Preliminary rounds competitive swim.

300m each preliminary round.

Limited to 64 swimmers.

•Average water temperature: 18 C

Categories Places Nº of rounds Course Trophies
- 25 age Male 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
- 25 age Female 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
+ 25 age Male 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three
+ 25 age Female 16 swimmers 3 (Qualifying rounds, semifinals, finals) 300 m The first three

Course map


Swim highlights

Non-competitive swim.

1.5 km distance swim

Up to a maximum of 100 swimmers

•Average water temperature 18C


 4X Swim Games competition will take place at Malamar venue which features a 200x400m swimming pool, and makes it perfect for experienced swimmers who are looking for their next swim challenge. When the competition finishes will give way to our non-competitive 1.5K swim ideal for swimming enthusiasts who are going to probably take part in one of the first events of the 2014 season , being able to swim the course  in their own time, without the pressure of being part of a race.

Swimming pool Competition—-Qualifying rounds are formed by a group of 4 swimmers who will compete at a time in the same circuit. The two first swimmers reaching the finish line will be qualified for the following round and so on until the final.

The competition course will be marked by lane ropes only the first 25m, and then as participants swim towards the finish line the course will be shared with the other swimmers competing.

The choice of the components of the group in the qualifying rounds is a duty that belongs to organisers.

Pushing, shoving etc will not be tolerated and any aggressive or violent attitude towards the adversary either. These actions will be sanctioned being the aggressor disqualified by the race referee.

Wetsuits are not compulsory although the organization recommends swimmers to put them on.

- Showers + changing rooms
- Wetsuit hire
- Wetsuit fitting and testing
- Sporting village (leading recognised sports brands)
- Beach party + one free drink
- Accidents insurance coverage (1.5K swim)
-Silicone cap given by the organisation
-Closed lunch menu for those who might be interested (not included in the registration price)

When you arrive in Barcelona, there are 3 different train stations you might get the train from.

-Barcelona-El Clot Aragó
-Barcelona-Arc de triomf
-Barcelona-Sants Station

Malamar sporting center is located in Montgat, just 15min away from Barcelona. When you get off the train you cannot easily get lost just because the venue is right in front of the train Station of Montgat

RENFE (national train operator)
R1 commuter train line—–Barcelona-Mataró-Maçanet. Look at timetables

Ver mapa más grande

Registrations are open


4X Swim Games

€25Registration includes

4X swim + 1.5K swim + Beach party + 1 drink

1.5K Swim

€20Registration includes

1.5K swim + Beach party + 1 drink


This is the venue!

25/50/75/100 x 100, Buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen, Netherlands @ Buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen
Apr 27 all-day
Date:  Sunday, 27 April, 2014 (All day)

3# 25/50/100 x 100, buitenbad Sijsjesberg, Huizen

            Ingezonden door hanskoster op wo, 18/12/2013 - 12:50

                    zondag, 27 april, 2014 (Hele dag)

Beste zwemmers/zwemsters,

Ik heb het genoegen jullie  mede te delen dat voor de 3e keer een 100x100 bij ons in Huizen zal worden georganiseersd en wel op ZONDAG 27 APRIL 2014 Het is ook mogelijk om minder te zwemmen <25/50/ x100>. Begin Maart 2014 wordt op NOWW de inschrijfmogelijkheid aangegeven. Noteer het wel alvast in jullie agenda.

Fijne feestdagen en een gezond 2014 voor iedereen.

Hans Koster.

Senderstädter 24-Stunden-Schwimmen, Mühlacker, Germany @ Mühlacker, Germany
May 9 – May 10 all-day
Date:  Friday, 9 May, 2014 - 18:00 - Saturday, 10 May, 2014 - 18:00


Prova de Promoção / AA 6.0, @ National Competitions Open Water 2013-2014
May 30 all-day
Date:  Friday, 30 May, 2014 (All day)

Prova de Promoção / AA 6.0

Sábado, 31/05/2014


Hotel Vidamar (Algarve)
Época desportiva: 2013/2014

Federação Portuguesa de Natação
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Regulamento de Competições Nacionais Águas Abertas 2013-2014

Lindlarer 24-Stunden-Schwimmen, Germany @ Stunden-Schwimmen, Germany
Jun 28 @ 4:00 am – Jun 29 @ 4:00 pm
Memoriál MUDr. Jaroslava Fichtla, MČR 5km+team, Bolevecký (Plzeň), Czech Republik
Jul 5 all-day

1 km (youth, adults, masters), 3 km (youth, adults, masters), 10km (youth, adults, masters), 20km (youth, adults, masters), 1 km (older students), 3 km (older pupils), 1 km (younger pupils), 3 km (younger pupils), 4 x 2 km (mixed relay)

National Championship 5 km relay +